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Market Research


Understanding products, applications, markets and risk associated with the materials you need. Identifying and evaluating manufacturers, gathering market and product intelligence and understanding the supply chain.

BSP Sourcing provides hands on research, detailed analysis, professional reports and strategic input to help you get the critical information you need to make strategic business decisions.

Supplier Management


BSP Sourcing actively develops and manages supplier relationships and works directly with manufacturers and partners closely with them to create value for our customers.


We handle the day to day communication to negotiate terms and ensure quality product, professional service and alignment around our customers' goals.


Inspection & Audit


BSP Sourcing performs a range of supplier vetting and evaluation activities, from document review and verification, to due diligence, to facility inspection and audits, we have a hands on approach to help our customers ensure compliance with their requirements. 

Quality Support


BSP works with our customers and suppliers to ensure that product meets expectations in terms fo quality and specifications as well as packaging.  We conduct third party product testing and verification and can organize to do custom testing based on customer requirements.


Logistics Management

We work with customers and partner to organize and manage a smooth and efficient supply chain to make sure that the right product arrives at the right destination in good condition.

  • Order consolidation 

  • Warehousing

  • Product Inspection

  • Customs Clearance

  • Export and Import Processing

  • Shipping and Transportation


Turn Key Solutions 

Projects can be complex and have many moving parts, often requiring different skills and areas of expertise.  BSP Sourcing understands the challenges and complexity of putting together and managing the puzzle.


We manage all of the pieces so that you can focus on your business.  BSP Sourcing works with our customers and business partner to design, develop and manage a solution that helps you to achieve your goals.