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Trehalose, Sweetener & Moisturizer

Trehalose is a safe and natural disaccharide with applications in food and cosmetics.

Also known as “sugar of life” in the scientific community, Trehalose is reliable and has GRAS status with the FDA. In addition to its use as a sweetener, this product has a range of interesting properties and applications. Continue below to learn more.

To learn more about Trehalose, or request product documentation, click here

Properties & Functions

Safety and edible. Non-hygroscopic, not easy coloring, acid-stable, heat-proof. New type of

sweetener/Natural food protective agent/Multifunctional flavor modifying agent/Natural raw

material of health food/Natural replenishment of moisture.

Applications (Food and Cosmetics)

Food Industry

Trehalose is an alternative sweetener, a natural food protective agent, a flavor modifier, and a moisture replenisher in food manufacturing. It can used in baking, beverage, candy and other products for many applications including

- Adjusting the sweetness and aroma of breads

- Maintain and regulate moisture in bakes goods

- Adjust texture and preserves softness

- Prevents bad aftertaste

- Used as a coating stable non-hygroscopic layer

- Prevents hydrolysis

- Prevents color change

- Reduces the set point of frozen products

- Improves durability of drinks

- Inhibits starch aging

Cosmetic Applications

Trehalose is a super moisturizer for the skin with other benefits as well including

- Powerful Moisturizing Agent

- Gentle on Skin

- Promotes Elasticity

- Prevention against Aging

To learn more about Trehalose, or request product documentation, click here

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