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Oat Peptide

Oat Peptide

Oat peptide (Avena sativa) is a multi-functional extract of oat with a variety of applications in skin care and hair care. The product is a good alternative for hydrolysed proteins such as wheat.


Oat Peptide


Technical Data

Oat peptide is highly soluble has excellent emulsifying properties as well as water binding capacity. With excellent foaming properties they are a useful addition to shampoos, shower gels and other surfactant based products. Their ability to form a protective film offer protection and moisturization for the skin and hair. They also have the ability to penetrate the cortex with only a single application. Oat peptide is used to repair damaged hair, conditioning and protecting the hair and improving shine and feel. It is water soluble which means easy and unique opportunities for new formulations in hair care, skin care, cosmetic and bath treatment products. The product is suitable for hair products, shampoos, hair, styling gels and conditioners together with most skin applications such as day creams and sun protectants. The use of oats in skin care dates back thousands of years to Egypt and the Arabian Peninsula.  Oats have been used traditionally to treat insomnia, anxiety and skin conditions including eczema, burns and other inflammatory eruptions. Conditioning Agents, Foaming Agents, Moisturizing Agents, Protective Agents, Repairing Agents, shine / radiance, bio/ organic, protections, moisturizing, no build-up

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