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Building Business Through Synergy

Strategic Sourcing & Supply Chain Solutions

Chemicals . Raw Materials . Life Sciences

Supplier Relationships

Supplier Relationships

BSP Sourcing brings strong relationships with suppliers in markets around the world. Close, long term relationships and a strong network give us broad access to a large range of products, across a variety of industry segments, the ability to control and manage quality and terms and help to ensure reliability of supply.

Industry Experience

Industry Experience

Our team has years of cumulative experience in a variety of industry segments which we bring to the table to better serve our customers and help them achieve theirbusiness goals.

Food & Nutrition / Personal Care & Cosmetics Pharmaceutical & Life Sciences/ Animal Health & Nutrition

General/Commodity Chemicals/ Medical Supplies

Project Engagement

Deep Engagement

We work closely, as a business partner, with every customer, on every project.  We see ourselves as an extension of your team and believe that this deep level of engagement is key to long term mutual success. 


We dont just source product and give a price.  We want to understand your business goals, ensure a good experience and add value to your business.

Quality Mangement

Quality Management


Ensuring quality product is paramount to what we do at BSP, be it with long term suppliers or in the development of new manufacturing partners.  We conduct site audits and document reviews to qualify our supply partners and will do regular quality testing to ensure that our customers needs are met. 

In some cases we will perform deep level custom audits for cGMP compliance, EHS and general business health based on our customer needs.  

Global Network

Global Network

BSP has a global footprint with locations in the USA, Germany, China and HongKong.  We have an extensive network of partners, distributors and manufacturers covering markets around the world.

This network of contacts, the breadth of our relationships and out wealth of industry experience combine to give BSP an extensive global network which we leverage to provide our customers with the best products, service and value.

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